Cutting room solutions for the fabric
processing industry.
A new era begins for the textile industry - technology, design and production Made in Italy with unparalleled innovation.
Where tradition and attention to detail aim to perfection, Morgan is the MADE TO MEASURE partner for the big brands of fashion.
From denim to polyester, from leisure-wear to industrial production: only our wide RANGE OF PRODUCTS for the cutting rooms allows us to always find the right answer.
To win the resistance of the hardest materials and most technical fabrics: one of the most exciting challenges for our processes of INNOVATION AND RESEARCH.
“TENSION FREE” is not just a lifestyle, but it is our concept to optimize the spreading and cutting even of most elastic or light fabrics.
Different MATERIALS, made to withstand time and wear, require most durable and versatile machines.
To merge ancient expertise, where different materials and shapes are designed to get UNIQUE OBJECTS, together with the latest technology is a mission possible, and indeed is already a reality.